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Ann Wilson, CEO

The wealth chef

“When Chris Kenney speaks on my stages, he shares pearls of wisdom so special that my audience makes money before they leave the room. Chris is a true master of sales, with a heart of service, and an undying commitment to your success. Plus, he always delivers an engaging, laugh-out-loud performance.”

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Meet Chris Kenney

Chris Kenney grew up with money-shame. Every morning, he’d risk the walk to school through his impoverished neighborhood, already dreading high-noon, when he’d be bullied for standing in a separate lunch line – the one for kids who slipped their “free lunch cards” to the lunch lady. Thirty years later, Chris has become a sought-after global speaker and wealth mentor, gathering notoriety and acclaim for his “unconventional” sales training strategies. From the moment they wing into his orbit, Chris rewires his clients’ brains and businesses at warp speed, teaching them how to leverage universal principles to 10X their income and finally breakthrough to multi-six and seven-figures.

His secrets to rapidly accelerating wealth can be found in the heart of that little boy in the lunch line.

When negative emotions like humiliation, guilt, shame, and fear are associated with money-related experiences, our minds create “money rules” that limit our way of being and the number we see in our checking account.

When you undercharge, you’re forced to take on too many clients, work too many hours, and run a business that consumes your life. Chris’s mission is to activate the courage within, so you can break your money rules, master high-ticket sales, and create massive expansion in your ability to command and receive wealth.

Today, Chris speaks on stages all over the world, giving entrepreneurs the tools, strategies, resources, and mindset shifts that herald disproportionate results. This is his zone of genius and his gift to the world: to show undercover superstars how to step into their legacy work by shedding the chains of money-shame and underearning.

Limiting money rules are the sole reason millions of brilliant, talented entrepreneurs are stressed out and unfulfilled.

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Interview Topics

  1. How to ATTRACT & ENROLL high-ticket clients with ease
  2. How to RADICALLY RAISE your fees & finally start charging high-end
  3. How my quest for the male version of “Eat Pray Love” brought me TRUE WEALTH
  4. How to use RADICAL FAITH to produce a tidal-wave cash infusion
  5. How to MAKE THE LEAP from six to seven figures without any marketing
  6. Why FUNNELS SUCK & How to Radically Simplify Your Business for 7-Figure Results
  7. The Simple 7-FIGURE SALES FRAMEWORK You Can Fit on the Back of a Napkin
  1. Can you explain how you built a 7-figure business without any website, business card, or digital marketing?

  2. What are money-rules and how do they put a cap on our income?

  3. What’s the definition of high-ticket sales and how do we start charging what we’re worth?

  4. What is the “Radical Success Cycle” and how can following it produce disproportionate income leaps?

  5. You say you help entrepreneurs leverage universal principles to 10X their incomes and breakthrough to multi-six and seven-figures. Can you give us an example?

  6. Give us a peek into your THINK-CONNECT-I-HELP Sales Strategy.

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